If you go and search for a blog name generator I can guarantee you that you’ll find at least 100 sites built for that purpose. “Wow! 100 sites! They must come up with some really cool names!” No, actually they don’t.

Why You Shouldn’t Use A “Name A Blog Generator”

The names that these generators give you are Generic. They aren’t unique. Take a look at my site Darkleigh.com, that’s unique. It’s a poetry blog so Uniqueness is Key. And “Darkleigh” is unique. But as a test I decided to try one of those “Name A Blog” generators to see what it suggested my blogs name should be.

Its results?:

  • “Caden738’s Poetry Blog”
  • “The Soul Poetry Blog”
  • “The Poetry Blog Of Caden738”

And So On… Wouldn’t that be weird anyways? Do you think anyone would remember caden738spoetryblog.com?


In fact those names are so generic no on will remember them! Sure my name (Caden738) is in the title but who’s actually gonna remember that?

People are more likely to remember a Site’s Title if it is unique, and Grabs their attention.

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Blog Name Generators Also Run The Risk Of Stealing Names, & Getting You Sued!

While many “name a blog generators” are generic, it doesn’t mean they won’t aaccidentally give you the name of a Blog or Website that’s already created.

Or Worse… Copywrighted!

That’s right: They could give you the idea to name your blog something that cold get you sued.

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This post was last modified on October 13, 2019 11:11 PM