In this Article we’re discussing WordPress Blogging For Beginners. I am going to tell you 4 simple things you need to do.

WordPress Blogging For Beginners

Step 1: Name

Once your blogs name has been cemented in it’s hard, and risky to change.

Hard because of how Expensive and Time Consuming it can be.

Risky because it can harm your SEO.

That’s why you need to choose a domain name, and a Site Name that you can, and will stick with.

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Here’s Some General Name Guidelines:

  • Earworms are great, create rhyming names that will stick in their brain.
  • Use your name sometimes. If your name is Dan Gramm then could be a good domain/site name. However a name such as Dan Zeyklburg probably won’t work. Make sure if you use your name that your name is A) Short, and B) Easy To Spell
  • Make sure Its easy, in general.
  • Make sure its inviting like Lita’s Place, or Happy Hanks. I guess what I’m saying is don’t name it something like Murderous Mike’s.

Step 2: Niche

“Blogging For Beginners”–The Article your reading now–Falls into the “Blogging Tips & Advice” Niche. Whereas things like “DayDreams & Daedalus” Fall Into The Short Story Niche.

What’s Your Niche?

Are you a Beauty Blogger, a Foodie, a Dog Blogger, a Cat Lover. Your niche in short is: What you blog about.

Niche Guidelines:

  • Pick something that has a big enough Audience, and that is To Niche. Like Poetry Blogging is Good, but Dog Poetry Blogging is Too Niche. The audience is there, but it’s very small. Unlike general Poetry Blogging since you attract everyone looking for poetry. Get what I’m sayin’ here?
  • Choose something you have Knowledge in. And when I say Knowledge I f*cking mean it. You need Full Knowledge. Don’t just start a blog about something you have no idea about.
  • Enjoy it. I enjoy writing what I write, and I’m enjoying writing this Article. “Blogging For Beginners” is a fun topic for me. You don’t want to choose a topic you don’t love.

Want To Create A Game Blog? Click Here.

Step 3: Research

What your doing now by reading this article is research. Do more of it! Don’t stop here unless you’ve been researching for hours already.

You need to learn SEO, And Monetization, as well as General Blogging Tips, and Writing Advice.

SEO Is Complicated and hard.

Monetization is more than Ads its finding the right network, knowing what CPC is, and CPM are. Also E-Commerce.

Blogging Tips. Everyone that’s been Blogging for 6 months, and has 50 WP Subs post a f*cking article with Blogging Tips. Well guess what? Blogging tips aren’t “Write What’s In Your Heart”, or “Be An Inspiration”.

If anything those are Writing Tips.

Blogging Tips are–and should be–Teaching AMP, SEO, Keywords, The Importance Of Meta Descriptions, and everything in Between.

Remember those things I listed up Above? “Write What’s In Your Heart”? “Be An Inspiration”? When I said they were writing Tips? Well they’re mediocre writing tips.

Writing Tips teach you how to Gain Inspiration, they teach good writing Styles, and how to connect with your Audience through Words.

So do your research, and learn the skills that you’ll need to be a good blogger that succeeds in the Blogosphere.

If you want to learn how to stop writers block Click Here.

Step 4: Money

Most Bloggers blog for money. Personally I don’t. It’s just the Icing on my Cake.

Did you know that a Youtuber may need 1-2, or even 3-5 MILLION Views a month to make a good living. You probably didn’t. Heck, when I say “Good Living” it means they make Less than your average Accountant.

A blogger however can make that same living… with 30-50 Thousand views a Month. It’s still a lot, and it’s a number most Bloggers don’t accomplish. But it is accessible, and more achievable.

Before we go on more about Ads, you may be wondering Why?

Well, its actually more simple than you’d imagine.

You see Google owns YouTube, so YouTubers only real Ad Network is Google Adsense. Whereas Bloggers can choose Adsense, WordAds, Infolinks, and others.

Personally I RecommendInfoLinks They’ve Worked Great For Me.

Step 5: Writing Improvement

This isn’t my first blog. I once had another, and I used it to improve my writing. How?

You see I knew when I first started my writing was sh*t. So I created a cheap, sh*tty blog to match my cheap sh*tty writing. On that blog I wrote, and published, and wrote, and published countless times.

And eventually over time my writing improved. And while my writing improved I worked on this site. By the time my first blog was a year old I was a Semi-Pro Writer, with an astounding blog built for SEO.

Do you need to create a blog and write until your good? No. It was just a way for me to create H2DI, while bettering my own writing. Every man, women, child, whatever you choose to say you are has their own path. That was mine.

Maybe you should just invest $20 in a one week writing course. Maybe your already a professional. Who cares? Just make your writing worthy of reading.

For A Quick Guide On Punctuations, And How To Use Ones You Probably Can’t Click Here. Learn Colons, Asterisks, And More!

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