This is an example of a first Paragraph:

The first Paragraph, is–for some–the hardest paragraph. That’s why I’d like to discuss with you today how to write the first Paragraph of an article. This really can be useful advice for struggling writers!

First things first: Just look at my first Paragraph. It’s a little long I’ll admit, but it’s not a bad start.

This is an example of how that First Paragraph Could have looked:

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“Hello, my Name is Caden. Today we’re going to discuss how to write the first Paragraph of an Article, or a story. This is something that can be used by every struggling writer!”

Which Is Better, Paragraph 1, or Paragraph 2?

Let’s knock this out of the way ASAP: Don’t say “Hello”. Don’t say “Hey, How are you today”. And never mention your name in the first Paragraph.

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You want to sound like a good friend who would just start up a conversation.

You also don’t need to mention the specifics of how this Advice can be ised–not in the first Paragraph at least. So don’t say “of an Article, or a story.

But now forget the second paragraph, we’re going to discuss the first one.

As I said it’s a little long, but it starts out on the right foot, a relatable foot. It let’s the reader know “Hey, other people struggle with this too”.

Its that one simple line that makes Paragraph one the superior.

This Is The Guide To A Successful First Paragraph:

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Sentence 1: Make A Relatable Quip (Remember: Readers Enjoy Relatability)


Topic: Getting Rid Of Your Dogs Fleas

“Its a very common thing for dogs to get fleas, and that’s why you need to beat them when they start!”

Sentence 2: List The Topic


Topic: Same

“So That’s why today we’re going to discuss How To Get Rid Of Your Dogs Fleas”

Sentence 3: The Value Of The Article


Topic: Same

“You’ll see your dog all peppy, and filled with joy in no time!”

NOTE: The “Value” of the Article is What it’s worth to the reader. Its worth their dogs Joy in this example, just like this Articles value Is that it’s useful Advice for the reader.

General Guidelines:

  • Never go below, or above 3 sentences. It’s the perfect amount.
  • Keep said 3 sentences short. Keep your Paragraphs short in general while your at it.


Once you Follow these simple steps you’ll see just how easy it is! Its just that simple.

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