Fiverr is a platform where you can buy articles, photos, apps, and more. There’s marketers, writers, drawers, photographers, and of course, more!

To help pay for this sites expenses I took up writing for Fiverr, and my experiences have been good, so far. I’m actually writing this article now, because earlier today I made $26 (after fiverr takes their share of the money) in less than an hour. So yes it’s a good platform for us writers to use for extra cash.

There really isn’t much bad that I can say about Fiverr, except for the fact that occasionally you may need to wait a long time before someone actually buys what your offering. Sometimes they won’t even buy what your offering (Your Gig), but they’ll message you, discuss a deal, and ask for you to make an offer if you both agree that you will complete the project.

I’ve found that the ones who first contact you first are the best ones. They know what they’re getting, you know what they want, and you can turn an offer down. This is because there have been times when people have bought articles from me, then had me write about things that I just can’t write about. I still write them, and if I wanted I could open up a dispute with fiverr, and most likely get the order mutually cancelled, but that’s often not worth the trouble.

Infact if you wanted you could just create a gig on fiverr, and then pause it so that no one can purchase it. Then in the description put a message like “CONTACT ME TO PLACE AN ORDER”. Then a serious buyer contact you, you either say “no”, or say “yes”, and if so send them a custom offer.

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Personally the latter is what I choose to do. I definitely give fiverr a Yes. Now let’s discuss pricing you gig properly, and fees, so that you know how to drive sales.

Pricing & Fees

There are people on fiverr right now offering $300 per article, then theirs the people offering $5 per article. You believe that people would buy the $5 one because it’s cheaper, but that’s not the correct, nor wrong answer.

As a seller you’ll get a label that’s either: New Seller, level 2 seller, top rated seller, etc. People will want to go with a high-rated seller, even if it cost more.

Yes this is bad for you, but here’s what you do. Don’t offer $5 gigs. Offer $20, $30, even $50 ones even if your a new seller. This may let the buyer know that your worth the money, and that you’re Experienced. Then again also don’t over price. $500 seems crazy for an article. Yes the person may be experienced, but for just one article to cost that much you’d better have some fame that guarantees that this article will do better, because you wrote it.

Remember when I said you “weren’t right nor wrong”. Well I told you about the “your not right” part, so now let me explain the “Your not wrong part”.

Yes, people will buy the cheaper articles. These people however also will probably never return. The cheap buyers, are the one-time buyers, and a gig that’s worth more money eill make them believe its higher quality… even if its not.

Quality. A word I use so much when I’m discussing writing. Let’s put it this way: Your in the park, and your hungry. (P.S this isn’t vegetarian friendly, so just replace “burger” with “Grass”) You want a burger, and you see two shops. One shops says $5 burgers, the other says $10 Burgers. Which one do you think has higher quality? Most of you will believe the $10 one has higher Quality. You don’t have the $10 though so you settle for the $5 burger place. BUT The next time your in the park you treat yourself to the $10 Burger. That $10 Burger can taste worse, but you’ll eat it anyway because you think it’s better quality, and probably healthier, when infact the $5 is actually better meat The owner of the $5 burger-joint is just doing this as a hobby, he sells you his burgers near what it costs to make them. You didn’t know that though, all you knew (for a fact) is that $10 is more than $5.

You understand now? Even if you want to have a cheap gig you need one that costs more for frequent, consistent buyers.


Fiverr will charge you fees. If you buy something you pay a fee, and if you sell something you pay a fee. I’m not 100% sure about the percent the buyer has to pay, but the seller pays 20% of their earnings per purchase. So if you do ignore what I say, and make a $5 gig remember: your only getting $4. That doesn’t seem like so much now, does it?


You can, and should write for fiverr. Its convenient, easy, and actually kinda fun. Just make sure you have the right prices, and understand that your gonna pay a 20% fee.

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